Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Preparations for our daily training

I have been overwhelmed with the response for the Floreio Art project. In the last 24 hours or so I have been bombered with hundreds of responses to the video.
I have constructed the mailing list and it is already in use, please make sure to join it by emailing me at with the subject line 'floreio'.

Now for some preparations...
Some of the movements I am about to present here will create a big demend on certain joints and muscles in your body that some of you are not used to using.
In order to make sure you do will not get hurt and further progress will be made, I advice you start PREhabbing this 'weak link' problem areas and I will provide some tools:
1. Wrists. Most people are not used to the kind of stress that Floreio and Handbalancing work can have on the wrists. I advice you to stretch and strengthen them alongside your practice in order to prevent future issues.
The tools:
A. Examine this wrists routine in the first half of this clip and practice it often: (I recommend 3-5 times a week and every day when trying to rehab a wrist injury with very low intensity)

It can be used in two ways:
1. As a warm up - first the stretching for 10-30 seconds each variation and then 10 reps of each of the dynamic moves variation one after the other without rest. Work as slowly as possible.
2. As a prehab tool at the end of your session for 10 reps each X 3 sets of the whole routine.

B. Go read Coach Sommer on Wrist Pushups thanks to good friend and coach extraordine'r Christopher Sommer, great information on wrist re and prehab is available.

B. Shoulders due to their hyper mobile but not stable nature are very often a limiting factor in Floreio and Handbalancing practice. The problem is mainly not having enough ROM while also having weak stabilization around the joint. The issues are of course related. The body tries to protect its weak joint from injury and though, it limits the ROM.
'Opening up' your shoulders should be aproached as a slow and careful process. It is not something that happens over night.
I will not explain the reasoning behind the whole process, volumes have been written on the subject, I will just say this: I think one of the best tools for someone who is after more ROM and more stability is rubber band work. I have created over the years many different routines and exercises for the shoulder but here is a basic and quick routine:

I recommend doing it 2-3 times a week, again using it:
1. As a warm up tool. This is especialy for those with less than optimal ROM in the shoulder that limits them from performing the movements. Just do one 'run' through the routine.
2. As a prehab tool - perform 2-3 runs through the routine.

Last but not least, if you are not familiar with the Queda de Rinns movment:

Go read this article I wrote many years ago for the Performance Menu and start practicing your control of it:
QDR Article on the Performance Menu
It is free, thanks to good friends and amazing coaches like Robb Wolf and Greg Everett.

That is it for the preparations, for any questions you can comment on this thread.
Happy training.


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Jared said...

very helpful things, I'm integrating them into my practice immediately.

Unknown said...

Jared... its only the start... Stay tuned.

Ricky said...

So I tried out the QDR at practice today and I had a lot of success. I go the closed position no problem and messed around with other positions, one leg bent one straight, straddle etc, with varying levels of success. I ran into one problem due to my goofy long arms. When I go to post on my arm my elbow naturally wants to settle on my hip bone. I can pull my elbow higher but its a little awkward. I think its just going to take some practice and experimentation to get used to the position and how I need to adjust my body to compensate for my long arms (I am 6 feet tall and have a 6ft 5inch arm span!). Ido, have you had anyone with a similar problem?

NiftyVT on the GymnasticBodies forum

Unknown said...

Sure this is normal and I've seen it frequently with many people.
Experiment with various positions for the elbow, but more importantly, dont forget - it is about tension in the supporting musculature - the elbow angle should be kept constant and rigid, the ext/int rotation of the shoulder should be kept under control, etc...

Most balance issues are a weakness or a tension deficit.


fotakou said...

Ido,two quick questions

On shoulders,i dislocated my shoulder last year(rasteira from my mestre :P)and although it seems to annoy me sometimes,my rom is really good.Should i do your shoulder routine in hopes of rehabbing my shoulder?

On queda,i can do the basic position but i really haven't tried to do some more advanced variations.Shall i try them?

Also let me say that your idea of making floreios a part of a workout program is gonna revolutionize the whole capoeira world...So go for it!

Que nao conheci o Ido de Cordao de Ouro :P

Ido Portal said...

My friend, first - I cannot read your name as it is in some kirilic languege.

Now for your questions:
1. The shoulder routine should be your bread and butter if dislocation of the shoulder (or partial one) occured in the past. Just make sure you are being careful in the stretched positions, use a very light band for those positions and take it easy, slowly going deeper and deeper into ROM.
2. Sure, why not trying the more advanced versions if you have a good control of the basics?
3. Thank you for your kind words, yes we are on the verge of a revoloution, but not only for Capoeiristas, as I bring flow into anyone that is interested in movement.

And my friend, I am not part of Cordao de Ouro, sorry.

fotakou said...

Now the name should be readable
1)M ok nice,but i lack cables for the time being so i guess i should try to find some in order to do the workout

Sorry for the group thing,my cousin said that you are in CDO and i think that in some of your videos i saw our logo...Well no big deal

What is your group by the way?Does it have anything to do with hacasa?

Ido Portal said...

I am not affiliated with any group, nor am I into groups, uniforms, national anthems, etc...

The name of my school is Hacasa. ('The Home' in a combination of hebrew and portoguese)

Ricky, NiftyVT said...

Thanks, I will just continue practicing and experimenting. =)

PernaLonga said...

I tried the wrist routine as part of my warm-up to a gymnastic progressions session, and I found that the discomfort I normally feel in my wrist when doing planche progressions was entirely absent. This is marvelous!

The shoulder routine is also superior to the one I am used to (also using bands). Many thanks for these suggestions; I'm quite excited to read your future posts!


Ido Portal said...

thanks for letting me know. It is always nice to hear people's experience with the material.

Stay tuned for more, I have so much to share.

MarkC said...

Hi Ido,

The material that you are releasing looks very promising. I think that adding Florieo to any athletes regular workouts would be extremely beneficial and offers variety.

One question: Is it too much work for you to offer basic, intermediate and advanced exercises everyday to begin with?

Maybe just begin with a pre-requisite core of beginners foundation work where everyone needs to master strength, flexibility and co-ordination (or basic moves) first before moving on to advancing sequences/exercises/movements?

Your could create your own names for movements/exercises and then just refer to them in daily workouts according to the level as required (e.g. workout, series, exercise etc.)

This would create some resemblance of structure and you could move on to the more 'interesting' material whilst decreasing your workload due to having to repeat yourself.

I think a good example of biomechanics instruction is Scott Sonnon from Rmax. Are you familiar with him? If you aren't check out his bodyflow dvd's. He is thorough & extremely detailed with what he teaches. This is great for beginners, but it can be a little annoying to natural movers who learn movement straight away.

I tried downloading the Queda de Rins article but it seems that site has exceeded its bandwidth. Do you have an alternative link?

That's all for now, can't wait for the next blog post.


Unknown said...

Mark, thanks for your suggestions they are excelent, and as you can see in the first floreio workout - we think similarly.

Try downloading it again, dont use any other country than the USA before checkout or it wont work.

Keep me updated and feel free to send more suggestions, I apreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ido,

First off, I'd like to say that I've been following your site for about a week and it's extremely, extremely inspiring stuff, so thank you for that.

I have a quick question regarding your shoulder prehab exercises. What should be the position of the shoulder girdle? Should you be actively trying to retract them (by activating the stabilisers in the upper back) away from the ears? I am thinking especially of the exercises where the arms are in an overhead position.


Unknown said...

The shoulders should be high, but unlike gymnastics high shoulder position, I am a big believer in minimal trapizius tension to achieve that goal. The sensation is trying to lift up the shoulders while also pulling them into their sockets. (paradox, but will produce the both stable and effortless position that I am after)

Hint... this little gem is worth its weight in gold. I have learned this trick from my good friend Yuval Ayalon - a circus performer who specilizes in Equilibre work.
Very difficult to implement and a delicate detail.

Anonymous said...

Ido, when I try this bit of advice, it feels as if I'm engaging my lats a little bit more. Is that along the right track?


shenhua said...

after this first week of workout, the first thing I noticed is improvements on a lot of things. Back pain is decreasing, shoulder mobility is increasing,etc.. But as for my wrists, first, It seems that I cant do the "back hand on the floor" part. As little weight i put on it, it still hurts. I thought that it will go with the time, but the pain keeps increasing over time and workouts without swelling. Yesterday I couldn't complete the workout by doing the QDR. I tried cold shower and anti-inflamatory but without much succes.
Should i wait for the pain to go before training again? Should I continue the wrist routine?
Thanks a lot,

Unknown said...

Onward, I understand what you are feeling there with the lats, but that is quite the feeling of the position I am talking about, but more of the Yoga low shoulders position. Keep trying to get the shoulder up but the trapizius relaxed.

Unknown said...

Let the wrists rest a bit. Apply Traumeel cream 3 times a day, and take traumeel drops/pills along with it. It is a natural homeopathic cream and pill/drops that have been heavily researched and shown great results with inflammation management.
When you feel better, start doing more of the wrist routine. Dedicate some time to prehab this problem area.

shenhua said...

Ok, I will try this,
Thanks Ido

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ido, will do.

One more question: do you think the routines you have given so far are OK to do on a daily, or near-daily basis, alongside formal capoeira/strength/martial art/whatever type training?

They strike me more as being about precision/balance/concentration etc and in that way remind me a little of yoga. What are your thoughts on practicing the handstand, back bridges and QDR holds with this sort of frequency? They all seem to stress certain muscle groups more than others. Should counterbalance work be done alongside?


Ido Portal said...

Onward, i have written about this before, yes, counter balance work should be done. For example I can stand on one arm, but I can also do a one arm chin up. I made sure some pulling ability is being developed along side my practice.
As for the prehab, in low volume it can be done daily, but in more concentrated form only up to 3 times a week.

And lastly... Flow is flow. The ultimate in every practice or even in life. So, yes, I can see the similarities to Yoga or other practices.

Andario said...

Ido, I have been incorporating this and your other routines into my workouts with great effectiveness. I was wondering, if you had tried something similar to the shoulder ROM for the hips, or if you use some types of yoga poses or what for hip stabilization. (Besides the locomotion and squat clinic.)

Degenberger said...

Hi Ido,

the shoulder-stabilisation-video don't runs in Germany. Is there another possibility to view it?

Best Regards

Daniel Cajiga said...

Hi Ido,

Amazing work as usual, thank you very much.

FYI, the following article isn´t there anymore. Can I find it somewhere else?

Thanks a bunch dear master.

Best regards,

Daniel Cajiga

Uriah said...

Do you have any preparations for triceps mobility. My triceps gets very stiff and tight which prevents me from doing exercise that involve
the triceps.

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Récsöl said...

Hi Ido,

Could you please repost the shouldervideo prehab with different music? German authorities block it from playing cause of the music in it.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

What is that band or bungee that you are using called? I would like to get one.

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