Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stretching and Flexibility

I've been asked to share my views on the development of flexibility and the stretching methods I use.
Actualy I am not a big believer in the multipile times a day, daily passive stretching 'waste of one's time'. This is not nutrition. (Where I am a big believer of eating often and in small amounts)
This kind of aproach mainly works with children and training systems that are supported on the idea of training someone from an early age and into adulthood. For someone who has missed the boat, (like me) it is not a potent enough method to develop a high degree of flexibility. (A less plaiable nervous system is the reason, not less plaiable musculature)
I use a combination of mainly active elements and I do them rarely and not often. I maintain the degree of flexibility I am in need of in my practice, no less, no more.

Here is a small demonstration of basic passive positions:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

USA tour 2009 - Itinerary

May 2nd - Landing in LA
May 4th - Equilibre and floreio Workshops in Spokane, Washington (Contact Steve Atlas from http://www.atlastrainingsystems.com for details)
May 8th - Equilibre workshop in San Francisco (Contact Shira from http://athleticplayground.com/ for details)
May 9th - Corporal Dialogue workshop and Vires workshop (Gymnastics & BW oriented physical development class) (Again, in http://athleticplayground.com/)
May 10th-14th - Miami, Florida (Contact me if intersted in personal or group training)
May 15th&16th - Capoeira workshop LA (Contact Amir Solsky for details amirsolsky@hotmail.com)
May 17th-21st - Arizona
(Contact me if intersted in personal or group training)
May 22nd&23rd - Gymnasticbodies Camp in Tehachapi, CA, Gymnastics oriented strength and conditioning 2 day camp in Woodward Camp together with Coach Christopher Sommer, for details http://gymnasticbodies.com)
May 24th-28th - Las Vegas
(Contact me if intersted in personal or group training)

If anyone is interested in my services, I will be giving personal consultations on the subjects I work with (Nutrition, physical development, Capoeira, Equilibre, Acrobatics) along with personal or group training. For more details, contact me through email at: portal.ido@gmail.com