Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Playing Capoeira

For a long time I have been getting many requests for posting some clips of me playing capoeira.
I guess people are intersted to see how my thinking and physical abilities translates to a capoeira game.
Well, I dont have anything new and interesting to show you, but I found out if you search youtube you can find a lot of clips showing me playing around with some good friends. Here are a couple of examples:


Ryan said...

Great games man! If I didn't know otherwise i would think you were an angoleiro.

Ido said...

Exactly the kind of tag I am trying to avoid. I have studied many systems, arts, sports, diciplines, but I am who I am - a unique mix of my past experiences and knowledge.

Ryan said...

I understand completely and im sorry if I have offended you in any way xP. As a musician and a fellow capoeirista I really look up to capoeiristas like you and mestres like poncianinho, gil, and xuxo because of the personality, style, self expression, and originality they put in their capoeira. Tonight i watched your interview and went through many of your older blog posts about creativity, originality, self expression, and art in capoeira...bringing something new to the table. Being a musician much longer then a capoeirista you have no idea how strongly i can relate to all these feelings. For the longest time i practiced my instrument for hours upon hours everyday always trying to push my limits of technicality and playing everything clean and perfect with no mistakes. This eventually led me to having a very boring, bland, and overly technical style with absolutely no originality or soul. I wasnt happy with that at all because i started to see what you saw. Lack of creativity and self expression in many other players. I knew i had to have a complete turnaround or else i would just wind up generic like most others that i would see or just flat out quitting. This led me to writing A LOT more music, learning to use my ear more, and really diving into other styles. Within a year i had completely changed everything about my playing from my style to my practice habits and went from a boring, bland, and overly technical guitarist to an original, creative, and self expressive guitarist that was far more skilled. I really think both of us went through a very similar experience and now see our art from a very similar perspective. You have helped me realize tonight that capoeira is no different from what i experienced with my instrument and i truly thank you for that my friend. I just hope soon enough my capoeira will be at such a level.

Ido Portal said...

No, my friend, you havent offended me, it is ok. Some of the games above may look very much Angola like and they contain a lot of Capoeira Angola spirit, techniques and ritual. But, it is only a few demonstrations of my expression. Look through my youtube clips and you will find many more, much different types of moving and expressing one's self. Read through the comments on my 'Things that America Taught me' post and you will understand better my life's philosophy - I live life through many looking glasses, not one.

ofir laker said...

I just saw another great capoeira video!

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