Monday, December 11, 2006

Physical Preparation and Nutrition for Capoeira Seminar

We will be hosting a seminar at Hacasa about 'Physical Preparation and Nutrition for Capoeira' at the 26/1/2007.
It will include many subjects:

Building a proper warm up

Creating a personal training program for the capoeira professional

Designing and implementing a group training program to support technical capoeira

Nutrition for the capoeirista

For more details (For the Hebrew readers) go to:
The spaces are limited, be quick and sign up.

Also, my good friend and colleague Robb Wolf from NorCal Strength & Conditioning (check them up at: NorcalSC) has just published a very interesting debate between two HUGE nutrition authorities - Dr. Loren Cordain (Paleo diet) and Dr. T. Colin Campbell. (China study)
The debate is about Protein. Requirements, sources, importance, and data around it. I gulped it down in one sip, I'm sure you will enjoy the piece just as much.
Protein Debate
Also, check out the monthly e-zine that the NorcalSC are issueing -
The Performance Menu
I've written some material for them - in the first issue which you can download as a free sample at their site, and another upcomming piece in the January 2007 issue. Check it out, its a goldmine of information for health and sports man.