Monday, October 02, 2006

Art and creativity...

Lately I have this new bug. Art. I mean, I've touched art my whole life one way or another, but always in a second place kind of way. Looking at capoeira was more through the philosophical, warrior, sports eyes than through artistic eyes for me, although my capoeira is very much aesthetics oriented.
Now in the past couple of weeks I've started to touch more the artistic side. It is simply what makes me tick now. I want to see beautiful capoeira with true self expression, and not only strong, quality and even communicative capoeira. Thats not enough any more.
In order to do that, and in a typical 'idoish' style, I've decided to get inspiration and knowledge in other places besides capoeira and to bring this into my own capoeira. I'm learning a lot of diffrent artistic manifestations and their special creative touch. I'm after creating something that is not present anywhere else - the most creative capoeira ever. The idea is to improve and touch every aspect of capoeira in that sense. The musical aspect, the movement and dance, Ginga, artistic interaction, Capoeira show, rythem, facial experssion, and more.
Of course there are many examples of very artistic capoeiristas over the years, (most are CDO or angoleiros, some are from old-school styles and groups) but I want to bring my own thing to the table, and this is another reason for me to cross train in other arts.
Keep tuned to future projects concerning this new craze, some photos and videos and other material...

BTW, a new workshop is being organized by us in Hacasa, a workshop of rythem and movement in an old-new context. It will be held in Hacasa during 4 subsequent Saturdays and will be instructed by Michael Feigenbaum from the Mayumana group.
It will combine afro-brasilian rythems with some newer funk-hiphop feel into a dance and instrumental play. Should be a blast. Special prices for the Hacasa students and limited 15 spots for every cycle of the workshop. Keep tuned for more details, first meeting at the 14th of Oct. Registration at the office: 04-8373340. Leave a message and we'll get back to you. See you there.