Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Floreio Workout Number 3

Today, no new movements. (But tomorrow... mmmmm... Lets just say - come back...)
We are going to do a lot of Prehab this time, making sure we prepare our bodies and joints the best that we can for future workloads.

Floreio Workout Number 3 - Beginners, Intermidiates and Advanced

A1 Jump Rope 3 Min
A2 Ido's Squat Clinic Routine X 1 set
A3 Shoulder ROM and Stabilization routine X 1 set
A4 Wrists Routine X 1 set (For info - read Preparations For Our Daily Training post)

Repeat for a total of 3 subsequent sets - no rest

Dont neglect your hips, wrists and shoulders preparation, they will be heavily used tomorrow.

Floreio News:
We have a new forum setup - go register at: http://forum.idoportal.com Looking forward to hear your opinions, questions, observations.



Justin said...

I have noticed that we do hip and shoulder mobility as well as wrists. Yesterday there was an total body requirement as well. My question is (after two workouts) one of my elbows is a little sore. My guess is it has to do with the bending in and out of the rotations as well as all the other bent arm stuff. Should we be doing any prehab for our elbows? I do elbow circles almost daily already and never really had trouble before. Should I be adding different elbow joint work for Floreio or was this first thing just a fluke?

Ido said...

I have only shared limited amounts of knowledge about prehab work. I will go into Elbow prep in the future.
In the meantime, make sure you manage the soreness, let it rest, ice it after workouts and do a lot of joint mobility. Also, maximal strength work should support Floreio practice and we will go into that in the future. Not doing the Strength work and concentrating on Floreio or another Metcon or skill oriented work by itself will lead to stagnation and injuries. My best athletes are the ones with the best base strength.

Justin said...

Elbow circles and ice it is. I come from a weight training background. I did crossfit for about year before moving to gymnasticsbodies. I tried to do Oly lifts and gymnastics but found I was always tired and had trouble recovering.

cnye94 said...

Take Ice Cold shower for 5-10 minutes after your work outs. You will feel much better the next day and it will help you recover.

Ido said...

Another good tip:
I have been experimenting with a chinese ointment called 'San Huan San' - Herbal Ice. It is a substitute for traditional cryotherapy as the chinese believe 'Ice is for dead people'. If you have a good chinese herbalist around your area, you can try and get some and put it on your elbows after trainings, wrapped in something. It has produced good results for me and some of my students.

Anonymous said...


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