Sunday, July 19, 2009

Floreio workout number 1

Friends, finally, we are ready to start some Floreio work with our workout number one.
First I will go through the various new routines and exercises we are going to use today and then I'll outline the workout structure.
Please go over the details carefuly, watch the video clips and examine the details before you post a question on the comments section.

Breathing instruction - in most cases, if not mentioned otherwise, breath out completely when going into position in case of a stretch, or breath out partialy if it is a strength and balance move.
Breath in when going back to neutral position.
Notice the nature of the movement, if the abdomen or chest is being pressurized by the movement - breath out.
Breathing is performed using nose and mouth, starting with the nose for breathing in and allowing mouth to join the effort when in need.
All of this is very basic, natural and common sense, I will go into more breathing techniques in the future, right now just make sure you are not holding your breath and creating a small 'oxygen debt' that later on will make you work much harder to repay.


This is a small sequence of movements used in my training facility to open up the hips and rehab the low squat position.
The squat position - an ancient, primal pattern in humans, still exists in many traditional societies that were not 'spoiled' by the use of the modern chair.

It is an essential component to Floreio work and we will dedicate a lot of effort and work to improve it, feel more comfortable while squatting, transitioning in and out of it, (In many ways not only the traditional 'squat down - come back up' used in traditional exercise systems) and moving while in the position itself.

The first exercise is the Soleus Dynamic Squat Stretch.
Grab a hold of an object about waist high and squat down while grabbing it. Drive your knees forward towards the wall while keeping your heels glued to the ground, extend back and repeat.
This is an exclenet specific strech for squatting and it addresses a very common weak link - the ankle limiting flexibility.

Perform 10 reps and hold the knees forward stretched position of the final rep for 10 sec.

The next exercise is Hip Rotations On All Fours and it is performed supported on hands and feet - facing the cieling with the butt in the air while fully rotating the hips from external to internal rotation - one at a time.
First rotate your right hip out completely, while pivoting on the ball of your feet. Try to lead the motion from your heel and to point it to the cieling in the end position. From there rotate on the toes back and into a complete internal rotation until the knee touches the floor next to the other foot. Come back to neutral and repeat with the other leg.
If discomfort is felt on the inside/outside of the knee (a sign of unprepared knees - can be due to lack of strength/flexiblity/joint preparation, more on how to resolve such issues in future articles ) just use your arms and your other leg to support most of the weight and perform the motion in the range of motion that is pain free.

Perform 10 reps, (5 per leg) and try to increase ROM as you go.

The next one is the Squat Hip Rotations.
This exercise is more difficult than the last one due to more bodyweight placed on top of the mobile joint and a more challanging position - posturally.
Start in a squat on the heels. First externally rotate the right hip out, while shifing the foot from a center foot position to the outer 'knife' side of the foot. Pause momentarily and come back to neutral. From there internally rotate the hip until the knee touches the ground next to your opposite foot. Pause for a sec and repeat with the other leg.
Read the instructions for pain management in the last exercise paragraph.

Perform 10 reps alternating right and left.

The next exercise in the routine is the Toes Stretch.
It is very basic position in many martial arts, yoga practices, etc...
Basicly start on your knees and feet, curl your toes back and sit on them, lowering your butt as close to your heels as possible, without allowing the heels to drift apart.

Hold the stretch for 30-60 seconds, while trying to deepen it with each breath out.

The next exercise is the Dynamic Toes Stretch.
From the Toes Stretch position, place either the tips of your fingers or your full palm (depending on flexibility) on the ground next to you.
From there and while making sure you are not lifting your fingers, drive the heels back towards the ground while lifting the knees up and back. Come back to the toes stretch while again making sure you are not breaking fingers contact.
At first this will seem impossible to some. You can use something to elevate your fingers off the ground at start. (maybe two equally thick books - one at each side)

Perform 10 reps.

The next exercise is the Static Squat Position.
Just go to your new, deepest squat, on your heels and hold.

Hold for 30-60 seconds.

The last exercise in the routine is a normal Dynamic Squats, using your 'new and improved squat position'.
While supporting heavy weights on one's back it is essential to keep the natural curvature of the spine when squatting, but here we do not require this restriction. (Although, as you can see in my clip, it wouldnt hurt to go for that as a bonus during warm up)
In traditional cultures the squat is rarely performed using an upright posture, due to the high demand of various muscle groups to maintain that posture, and though a very non-economic way to perform it.

Perform 10-20 repetitions, go as low as you can, without any pain or discomfort.


This is an exercise using the QDR pose. If you havent already, please go to the link below, download and read my QDR article. Before starting out one should know the details of the position and practice it to some extent. If problems arise later on in flows using the QDR (and it will happen in most cases) always come back to the basic QDR practice and the details in this article.

QDR Article

This simple flow will start in the squat position. Place your hands forward and just a bit wider than shoulder width, knees outside of the elbows and balance your weight between you hands and feet.
Lower down as presented into one of the variations, while slowly rotating the knee inside the elbow on the active side. Come back into neutral and repeat with the other side.
Synchronize breath and motion, keep it flowing, start very slowly and notice the details.
Repeat for the desired number of reps.


Choose one of the variations, repeat the same details going into and out of position as in the beginners variation.
In the first variation - just go in and out of QDR without putting your head down.
In the second variation - add a small rotation of the fixed QDR body position around the supporting elbow. Slide the head towards your hand and back while rotating.
In the third variation add a touch to the ground behind you on the ball of your feet only at the end of the body rotation.
In the fourth and final variation bend your knee and curl your leg under your butt while shifting back. Keep it smooth and breath. The head should pop in between the hands and return back while doing this version. Also, try to reach the ground behind you when in the Low Bridge One Legged position at a point in front and between your hands - creating a triangle between those three points of contact.

Repeat for the desired number of reps.


In Floreio we will be using two back bridge positions - the classical 'high bridge' or 'gymnastics bridge' and the Low Bridge.
Each one mobilizes different parts of the body, and they are very complementary exercises.
The low bridge is the best to start out with, especialy for folks who started their bridge practice later in life. It will place more demand on your toes and quads as opposed to lower back and shoulders in the higher bridge.
If you are limited by injury, the two bridge variations will allow you to work around the problem , sometimes.

First we will learn the Low Bridge Slide.
Lie on your back. Bend your knees while sliding the feet back as close as possible towards the butt. Take your hands backwards and place them at the sides of your head with flexed wrists.
Slide your whole body forward, while shifting into the balls of your feet and taking the knees forward. Use your hands to initiate this slide.
When you reach the position - knees close to the floor, contract your butt and lift up into the low bridge. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Come back to the floor reversing the sequence described above.
Repeat for the desired number of reps.

After the Slide we will learn the Rotations Into Arch - Using The Wall.
Stand with your back to a wall, in the distance of twice the size of your foot.
Place one hand backwards, shoulder rotated in and fingers pointing up. Shift some weight towards the hand.
Slowly, from the side start to rotate into and arch, trying to look at the wall at all times. The rotation needs to happen on the lower base side of your palm (opposite to the thumb) while lifting the rest of your palm off the wall until you reach the middle arched position. Also externally rotating the shoulder while going into the arch is essential.
When you aproach the complete arch, place the other hand on the wall mimicking the Low Bridge hands position. The fingers need to point at the ground while in the middle position.
Slowly shift the weight to the second hand and start rotating out (on the same spot at your palm)
while internally rotating the shoulder and with lifter palm beside the point at the base of your palm.
When you reach the first position, only on the opposite side, push off the wall.
Place the last hand to touch the wall back into it and repeat the rotation into arch on the other side.
Repeat for the desired number of reps.

If you are feeling confident you can advance into the full Rotations Into Low Bridge.
Repeating the same details as in the wall variation, start in a squat position, place one hand behind you in line with the same side foot and rotate into the low bridge, while:
1. Shifting weight into the balls of your feet.
2. Fully rotating the shoulders.
3. Rotating on the spot showen on the base of the palm.
4. Contracting your butt partially. (50% is enough)
Keep it smooth and sinchronize breath pattern with movement.


The advanced version is basicly 'handicapping' yourself to the use of one arm only. It requires balance and precision but pays off later on.
Start out exactly like in the beginner version of the exercise, rotate into the low bridge but instead of placing the second hand next to the first one, continue until it is glued to the side of your body. Come back with the hand and push out into the squat. Repeat on the other side and perform the desired number of reps. Read and reread the beginner section details. The answer to your question is probobly there.

How to read the workout description

When possible, I use Charles Poliquin's system for logging workouts.
The order is A,B,C, etc... When there are more than one exercises/routines per letter like
A1, A2, A3 - rotate through them one after the other and start over at the first for the noted number of sets.


A1 Perform 5 min of jump rope
B1 Shoulder ROM and Stabilization routine X 1 set
C1 Ido's Squat Clinic Routine X 1 set

D1 Slide Into Low Bridge X 5 reps of 5 seconds holds in position (each rep)
D2 Rotations Into Arch Using The Wall X 10 reps
D3 QDR Rotational Push Ups -Beginner variation 10 reps
Repeat D1-3 for 3 total sets


A1 Perform 5 min of jump rope
B1 Shoulder ROM and Stabilization routine X 1 set
C1 Ido's Squat Clinic Routine X 1 set

D1 Rotations Into Low Bridge X 10 reps
D2 QDR Rotational Push Ups -Beginner variation (Lift both feet off the floor) 10 reps
Repeat D1-2 for 3 total sets


A1 Perform 5 min of jump rope
B1 Shoulder ROM and Stabilization routine X 1 set
C1 Ido's Squat Clinic Routine X 1 set

D1 Rotations Into Low Bridge Advanced X 10 reps
D2 QDR Rotational Push Ups -Advanced variation X 10 reps
Repeat D1-2 for 3 total sets


Now for some Floreio news:

1. Facebook us! 'Floreio Art' is our user name.
2. Join the Floreio Art email list, send an email to soon some material
will be released only through the email list.
3. A website with discussion forum, articles and more features soon to be released. Stay tuned.
4. A new workout tomorrow. Check up on your email and visit us soon again.

Now flow out of here and go train! Ido.


Lukas said...


Thanks for posting the first workout. The instructions are very detailed and should be easy to follow with the great videos. I already know it won't be as easy as you make it look, though!

One question I have is how you recommend combining these workouts with other physical efforts, such as strength training, conditioning work, sports etc.

Will there be a type of daily WOD or should we keep doing our current programs and integrate your Floreio exercises as best possible?


Ido said...

Lukas, right now squeeze it in as a seperate workout if possible, it shouldnt take a lot of your time.
Due to the techincal elements I suggest if you are not proficient enough yet to perform this workout fresh.

In the future, and if the demand arise, I will provide a complete aproach - integrating Maximal strength, speed, floreio, lower body training, mobility and flexibility work, but right now I suggest you add Floreio as a new tool in your arsenal.

Ryan said...

Ido thank you so much for starting this program and putting all this time and effort into it! Quick question. Would you advise to do these bridge rotations everyday unlike passive stretching?

Jared said...

These are wonderful- I have a similar question, would you recommend alternating this routing or should it part of a daily practice?
Thanks again for all your hard work!

Justin said...

As somebody who tries to do the Gymnastic Bodies workouts I have a couple of questions. How often will you be posting workouts and what sort of template are you thinking of? Currently at they are doing m,t,th & f and I was wondering if I should hold this workout over to Monday and just do yours and the GB together or if it will work out to be a bit more random in how they overlap. Thanks

Jeremy said...

Excellent. Thanks for all your work in creating/sharing so much new material with us!

I'm looking forward to more.


Ido said...

Ryan, Bridge Rotations can be done daily no problem, especialy the low bridge ones, since they are not stressful on the lower back and shoulders, but make sure you are not pushing hard enough or other issues will 'come to your attention'.

Ido said...

Jared, it all depands on a gazzilion factors, I cannot give you an answer.
Basicly, practice Floreio as frequently as you can, but make sure it doesnt cut too much into your recuperation. Above all, this is fun and art and should be aproached that way.

Ido said...

On days that your are doing the WOD you can either use easy variations of Floreio work as your Metcon at the end of the more strength oriented WODs or as a seperate entity.

Ido said...

Its a J day, ha? Justin, Jeremy, Jared...

Jeremy, thank you for your kind words, I am glad you like it.

Gittit said...

Classic Ido =) Thanks for reminding!

Chris Longley said...

Hi Ido,

Thanks for this - the videos are nice and clear. Really looking forward to getting started.

Is there any chance of a track listing for the music in the videos? I'm liking your taste in music...

Best wishes,

Jorge Itapuã Beiramar said...

That's it my friend.

Good start. From beginner to advanced.

People can really improve following your advices at the Floreio Art routine.

You are showing the path to body development with safety measures, without harming the body. Very important when we are talking about acrobatic moves.

I'll recomend this blog to my students. It will surely improve the acrobatic level in my classes.

"Toda Raba" - Thank you!

If people want more information about the necessity of squat to the human body and the problems of being sitting, they can read an article "Cadeira a muleta moderna" that I did in my blog, soon in english version:


Ido Portal said...

Every clip has the music listed in its details. Thanks for your kind words.

Ido Portal said...


Thank you for your support. My friend, as Isaac Newton said: 'If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants'. I have been fortunate to learn from great masters of their crafts. One of them is you.

As for the rest of us, Itapua's blog is highly recommended (for the portuguese speakers among us) and soon it will be available in English too.

Fumaça said...

I love the low bridge work. I've only trained high bridge and am much more comfortable in that position, which is funny because you said low bridge is a prerequisite to high bridge, which makes me think it might be easier. However, when I trained it before I had a hard time keeping my hips and legs down. I think your squat routine will help with that. Thanks for these amazing videos. Damn...I wish your blog was up all last year when I was bored and freezing in the Wisconsin winter. However, I'm absolutely thrilled you are doing this and am 100 percent inspired!

Ido said...

Fumaca, I usualy start with the low bridge work because it is easier on the low back and shoulder and though requires less preparation. It can be challanging from a coordination, balance and control perspective though, so keep practicing both variations and try to understand the problem. Watch the clips again and again and reread the articles, most people can absorb only a certain amount of detail at once, so give yourself multiple exposures.

btropic said...

*phew* its about time i started practicingm i keep procastinating. i used to practice capoeira alot a year ago until i moved not long ago. since then i lack practcing. i never went through the basic training of capoeira nor floreio. just realized how much i need to do to acheive to the advanced :D

Ido said...

Btropic, welcome aboard. Floreio work is very rewarding, so even though you may have a lot of work towards the advanced levels, it will be a great journey. Start today!

Will said...


How would I progress with this? Should I move on to adding new moves in your other posts after I had gotten to the advance level in this workout? How does it work?

And what did you mean in your intermmediate workout for the ODR Beginners to have bot feet elevated? How is that done?

0 said...


How would I progress with this? Should I move on to adding new moves in your other posts after I had gotten to the advance level in this workout? How does it work?

And what did you mean in your intermmediate workout for the ODR Beginners to have bot feet elevated? How is that done?

Ido said...

it is very simple: can you move on? if you can, do it. If not, continue to improve using the current workout until you are able to progress forward.
The QDR Rotational push ups with both feet elavated is after you have demonstrated as the last, hardest variation in this video:

Note that for a fraction of a second both feet are elavated.
Good luck.

Will said...


I have been progressing very nicely but now the only thing I am stuck on is the rotation into the low bridge. I just can do it right. I would try to rotate my hands but I would fall before I can get into the bridge. Its hard to explain. Can you help?

Ido said...

Will, a couple of things to try:
1. Lift your pelvis higher and arch more , it may create more space to articulate into with the rotation.
2. Play around with the amount of bend in your elbows, make sure you transfer the weight into the side, bony part in the base of your wrist. You spin on this part only - it is a small axis to spin on, and gives you minimum friction.
3. Work on the rotate into arch on the bridge - as demonstrated in the video, if you can do it easly, try it using an incline surface of about 45 degree behind you - it will make you another step in the progression towards the floor.

Good luck,

Will said...


Thank you so much for all your help!I appreciate it very much. Thank you!

Will said...


I tried the Rotation into the Low Bridge again.I can get into the low bridge but not smoothly. I am still struggling with the movement. But I can get into the low bridge via rotation but the I can't get out of it. I try to push of my left hand to get up while lifting my right but fall down from exhaustion of trying. Any pointers on getting out and how to put it all together smoothly?


Ido said...

Will, I do not mind answering a random question here at the blog, but for such an indepth discussion I suggest you post your questions in the forum for everyone to enjoy.


Will said...

Sure thing Ido. Thank you again for your kind help.

Moritz said...

Ido, I would love to see all your videos and learn from them, but they are not available here in Germany, because they contain content by UMG. Is there any chance you could put up versions that are available in more countries?

Many thanks and greetings,

Mitchell said...


Thank you for posting this wonderful information. I attempted this workout today and man, is it tough. I rather enjoyed the wall rotations and picked it up pretty quickly. Where I struggled was the QDR push ups. Towards the end of the second set I started to experience a splitting headache in the front of my head. Is this common in this type of practice? Any advice? Otherwise it was a challenging and fun workout.

Anyhow, thanks again. I look forward to learning more.

Mark said...

Thanks Ido - very generous of you. Been looking for something like this.

Warm Regards

Mark Shaw

Keith Jasper said...

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icarus said...

I would love to read your article on the QDR, but the link to it appears to be broken...

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Daniel Cajiga said...

Hello master Ido, thanks a bunch for your very generous work.

Just a detail my friend, the QDR article isn´t there anymore, can we find it somewhere else?

Thanks again and thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Daniel Cajiga

sajjad said...

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Eustace Raymond said...

What would you say to people who have fibromyalgia and could not perform the movement that well because of fatigue and stiffness? In addition to the joint and muscle pain they have.

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Leroy Davis said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Ido,

I am trying to read the QDR Article posted here but the link is broken and I can't find the article. Do you know where I can do my homework on this? Thank you!

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Jordan Kelly said...

Hey there I'm trying to watch these videos on youtube and it keeps saying they are unavailable, and ideas what the issue is? Also I have torn my bicep and rotor cuff and my shoulder does not sit in position but I tried active hanging last night and it's the first thing in a year and a half that has eases off some of the pain so I would just like to say a big thank you to you Ido.

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