Saturday, July 11, 2009

My students projects

Lately I've asked my students to work on a 30 day artistic project, using their Capoeira skills as a means of expression.
I asked for something innovative, new, fresh as opposed to the typical Capoeira video so abundant on the net.
Here are three of the projects that provided in my opinion a more refreshing presentation and didnt fell into the 'unoriginality pit' that is so easy to fall into.
Mind you, the girls presenting are young artists (all under 18) and has a long way to go, but still let us know what you think..

The first one is by Adi Pinhassi (Pantera Rosa) and it is called 'Brincadeira' ('Child's play' in Portoguese)

The second one is by Karin Bensabat (Avestruz) and it is called 'Shadow Game'

And the third one is by Gal Moskona (Apache) and it is called 'Thinking Inside the Box'

I hope you enjoyed them and we are waiting to hear your opinion..


ORTprod said...

Your students are incredibly talented!

charles said...

Wow prof, those young women are impressive. They may have a long way to go (so you say), but those clips show that they still have come further than many. The incorporation of the movements with their environment was surprisingly unique. The music selection brings out the personality and flavor of each piece.
Kinda makes me want to do a project myself.

Thanks for sharing.

-Sexy Kung Fu Fighter.

Φώτης said...

Wow i was really impressed!I especially liked the third one(from Apache) and the clever use of the close space!Talking about jogo de dentro huh? :P


Baz said...

Amazing Video!
very inspiring ! you all are amazingly talented. I like the idea very much Ido. and I think your students did a great job....
Keep up the great work.

Mario said...

great great clips! I especially liked the "thinking inside the box"

Ido said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad people are interested and intruiged by our work. Espicaly since it is far from 'Mainstream'...

Piupiu said...

Amazing work, loved all three!



Jared Taylor Williams said...

Strong creative women and talented to the last, more great work from Hacasa

Fumaça said...

These videos are wonderful works of art. I was so inspired by this creative idea! I especially like the shadow dance! Your students' high skill level shows what an awesome capoeira teacher you are. Thanks for posting your students' work!

Ido said...

Such kind words, thank you. I wish everyone in the Capoeira world would be so open and apreciative to such ideas.

I just try to keep myself and them (my students) from getting bored...

The Three Bro said...

Hi Ido, i've just discovered your blog, and seriously i really like your way of thinking you really adapt you're all capoeira energy to the world, you travel a lot and learn everyday (not saying you already know everything) and here for me is the proff that it's a very good energy, I haven't seen girls playing so fluent and with so beautiful style, without being brazilian or doing capoeira since they were 2, this is very very nice, the shrot films are very nice (personnaly i love the first one), it is very cool to help your students to express themself, i'm looking forward to follow your adventures on your blog. I wish you good luck in your adventure, and i think i'm not talking only for me. (can't wait to try to workouts)


Basset (i'm from senzala london by the way)

Ido said...


Thank you my friend. No I do not know everything. Thank God.

The quality of female capoeiristas and capoeiristas in general reflects the quality instruction in the Capoeira world. Unfurtunatly most teachers are Dream sellers. As a student walks into my class the first time, he/she has a dream. I try to help him realize that dream. If I cannot or dont have the knowledge to do so, I am a dream seller. I only sell dreams, not realization.

The Three Bro said...

True, this is why i like your way of teaching, how many times i saw girls all around me (almost all the girls of my group) saying they can't do this or that because they are women, and i try to explain them they just need to do this or that to be able to do a macako for exemple, and here there is the perfect exemple showing to so many people that there is not so many difference between possibilities bewteen female and male capoeristas (even if we have more strengh and them mroe flexibility), it's cool, because a lot of people (even me) are frustrated, because we have the feeling sometime, that a lot of floreio are not possible for us, non-capoeirsta since born.

I'll try your exercices, and try to push people from my group to pay attention to your blog.


GreenStyle said...

Amazing. I will be 100% honest Ido; I thought capoeira was not that interesting (but I respect the skill and hard work you all put in). However, your students have blown me away. I love the Adi Pinhassi's; Karin and Gal's are humbling and so fun as well!

I have followed Coach Sommer mostly so far and have been exercising for almost 1 1/2 years under Coach's book and site as well as a few ideas from you.

These presentations have totally changed my mind. I have one question though...Your blog confuses me a bit in the structure, so can you help me? How can I get started in capoeira?!


Ido said...

I do not intend to teach Capoeira per se through my online work. We will cover many related subjects, but if you want to do Capoeira, search for a group to practice with. If you were inspired by my students projects, I am not sure you will like what you'l see in a Capoeira class. These kind of work is very unique to my school, and I have never seen anything similar anywhere.

Join the Floreio work, read through the blog and enjoy yourself exploring. Soon there will be a website with more organized material - into article, video and other sections.

EdOpines said...

That's amazing. I can tell they are your students. I've always thought Capoeira was a medium for expression like painting or theater or dance. Your students did a great job using it in their own way. I'm really impressed by how your classes extend outside of training and into the realm of thought and art.

Ido said...

Ed, it goes way deeper than that. Capoeira is a lifestyle.
I give 'homework' that provoke creative thinking often.

Ronnin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ronnin said...

Man, very creative!! Congrats!

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