Monday, July 20, 2009

Floreio Workout number 2

Floreio fans, the Floreio Art project is growing bigger and bigger by the minute. I am completely shocked by the response so far, with hundreds of subscribers, emails, comments and people flowing on the ground. This is world wide response - USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia and Africa. (Yes, even Africa...) This is also multi - diciplinary interst - I get letters from ordinary people, crossfitters, capoeiristas, martial artists, dancers, breakdancers, weightlifters, yogis and more.
The response only makes me want to put out more material for you all, and today we are going to explore some new movement possibilities and increase the size of our arsenal.


Au is one of the most basic Floreio movements, and it is maybe the most ancient acrobatic skill in our history - the Cartwheel.
Au Cortado ('Cut-up Cartwheel') is a variation on the basic cartwheel, and there are many many other variations you will get exposed to later on.
The Au Cortado can be broken up into two symetrical, equal halfs - the Half Au Cortado.

Beginners to Floreio practice need to get exposed to this position first and practice it often, creating a new neural pattern in their brains.
From the Squat position push up into the Half Au Cortado, pause for a moment and push off the leg on the ground into a small hop - to feel the weight shift into your hands. The arms can be kept bent a bit, this is not gymnastics, people, we want to keep this natural expression also also use the body in a natural, flowing way.
Dont look at the ground. Try to feel the weight on your hands.
Breath out when lifting into the position, flow back to squat and repeat on the other side.

After enough practice with the Half Au Cortado, and if comfortable on your hands, you can try the full Au Cortado. Basicly, starting in the Half Au Cortado, push off the leg that is on the floor and transition to another Half Au Cortado on the other side. The more comfortable you are on your hands, the higher you can transition between the two halfs, but a low transition can be done when starting out. The objective is to do it smoothly, without holding your breath and to reach the floor without making any noise, transitioning into the Squat. The next rep can be performed to the same side for a desired number of reps before you change direction, or right and left, alternating sides.

A more advanced variation, used to build strength, control, balance and stabilization in your Floreio practice is the Au Cortado Presses.
Basicly, after being able to complete a lot of reps of the normal Au Cortado and with smoothness that signals one does not use a big jump into the motion, you can try this advanced variation.
In the Au Cortado Presses one completes the full Au Cortado, only using no momentum at all, and in slow motion. Restricting momentum is a trick used in many movement systems to increase tension and strength demands.
Start out with a big bend in your elbows, while taking the head forward towards the headstand position. This will allow you to complete the press a lot easier. After a while straighten your elbows more until you reach an almost locked out elbow position, but dont lock it completely. Again, this is not gymnstics, we want to maintain that 'organic', natural feel to our Floreio movements.


As I have written before, in Floreio practice there is use of both low and high back bridges. Today we will practice Rotations Into High Bridge, to create a different challange for our body.
If you cannot complete the Rotations Into Low Bridge Beginner variation - go back and practice that first. The Rotations Into Low Bridge are a prerequesite for the High Bridge variations. An addition of normal high back bridge work from a lying position on your back - like in yoga will prove useful when combined here with the Rotations Into Low Bridge work.
Start in the squat, and place your hand behind you, finger pointing back. Using the same details of the Rotations Into Low Bridge from the first floreio workout post, only remaining on full flat feet the whole time, rotate into high arched back bridge.
Make sure the hand smoothly rotates on the point on the side base of the palm, as shown before, keep the elbow as bent as you need it to be, fingers sliding around the axis point on the palm base until pointed towards the feet when in the full back bridge.
The hand should be placed in line with the same side's foot, but play with the distance from it, until you find the correct placement. It depands on the amount of low back and shoulder flexibility and your tools to fight against those problems are bending your elbows enough (will help to a certain degree only) and... practicing more.

An Advanced variation is also presented, to keep everyone happy. It is the Rotations Into High Bridge Advanced. Again, you will 'handicap' yourself to one arm use only, go into the back bridge using only the first arm, reach for your ankle from around your body, grab it, and come back to the squat. Repeat on the other side for reps.

Floreio Workout Number 2 - Beginners and Intermidiates

A1 5 min of total body joint mobility (If clueless about this - educate yourself! Youtube is a great friend)
B1 Shoulder ROM and Stabilization routine X 2 sets / no rest
C1 Ido's Squat Clinic Routine X 1 set

D1 Slide Into Low Bridge X 5 reps of 5 seconds holds in position (each rep)
D2 Rotations Into Arch Using The Wall X 10 reps


D1 Rotations Into Low Bridge X 10 reps

D3 High Bridge hold - total time 30 sec (you can break this up into a couple of subsequent attempts, but dont continue to the next exercise until 30 seconds have been completed)


D3 Rotations into High Bridge X 10 reps

D4 Half Au Cortado X 14 reps
D4 Au Cortado X 10 reps
D5 QDR Rotational Push Ups -Beginner variation X 10 reps

Complete the whole D1-D5 circuit 3 times, without resting between exercises, but resting 90 seconds after the complete circuit.

Floreio Workout Number 2 - Advanced

A1 5 min of total body joint mobility (If clueless about this - educate yourself! Youtube is a great friend)
B1 Shoulder ROM and Stabilization routine X 2 sets / no rest
C1 Ido's Squat Clinic Routine X 1 set

D1 Rotations Into Low Bridge X 10 reps / 1 set
E1 Rotations Into High Bridge X 10 reps / 1 set

F1 Rotations Into Low Bridge Advanced X 10 reps
F2 Au Cortado / Au Cortado Presses X 10 reps
F3 Rotations Into High Bridge Advanced X 10 reps
F4 QDR Rotational Push Ups -Advanced variation X 10 reps

Complete the whole F1-F4 circuit 3 times, without resting between exercises, but resting 75 seconds after the complete circuit.

Flow away and enjoy,


Jared said...

Already? Where do you find the time?!
Thanks again so much...

Ido said...

Sleeping 4 hours a night helps...
I am also training full time and teaching 2-3 classes a day. Can you spell 'time management'? (My girlfriend will ask: can you spell 'Girlfriend neglection'?...)

avi said...

Ha ha ha "can you spell 'Girlfriend neglection"

Jorge Itapuã Beiramar said...

Fast as hell man!

Good, keep everybody thirst for more.

In my personal opinion, you should give more attention to your girl than for US...

Your choice Bro!!!


Samy "Basset" said...

I didn't yet got the time to start the first one :p very nice again, can't wait to start tomorrow !

Thanks again, and i second jorge, there us nothong worst than an angry girl friend :p


Jared said...

LOL, my wife suffers from occasional neglect as well- but I think we're finally figuring out the balance. Also, thanks for the musical choices- who'd have thought I could have been working out to my Nick Drake cd's this whole time! :)

Daphney said...

wow, a second one. Im still trying to master the first one. This is wonderful, I see progress already.

Ricky, NiftyVT said...

Workout 2 went great! I had a lot of fun going through it. I can see how working Florieo everyday can help cut the body fat, my heart was pumping the entire time. The rotations are just a little beyond me at the moment; I found that I have to use my forearm a bit to help me get out of the low bridge. I can rotate correctly into the bridge but not out (I guess I need more wall practice (which is what I did for the workout). Now the QDR pushups are a whole new ball game. I did the most advanced Beginner variation (both hands and head of the floor but both feet off) with no problems. I think I am going to try out one of the advanced incarnations next time just to see. The squat and shoulder drills are pure genius, wish I knew the squat ones a year ago. =)

Ido, I am happy to say that I found my "sweet spot" for the QDR position.

Lots of fun, I am liking hand balancing and now this more and more!

bso said...

Very humbled by the flexibility requirements of the beginner workout. Exactly what I'm looking for!

Justin said...

I too have trouble coming out of the bridge movements, and tend to use my forearms on some of the uglier reps. It gets worse as I become fatigued.

I do have a question about the Au Cortados. Should I work on the half reps if my full reps are terrible looking? I look like a little kid trying to carwheel as I am not anywhere near vertical.

Thanks again, sir. This is really awesome.

Anonymous said...

Will the practice of floreio develop our abs, back, shoulders, and chest similar to yours?

What I'm confused about is the number of videos of practitioners that are not as well muscled as you, or aren't cut at all. Is this because of diet, or are they just not doing something that you're doing?

Ido said...

I am not that bad.... Give me a break, guys...

Ido said...

Daphney, keep practicing, who knows, maybe until we'l meet in person in sunny Florida you will teach me a few tricks already...

Ido said...

Ricky, Justin, as for the 'forearm help' - it is a very common problem. Try to throw your knees even more forward and lift the arch in the back a bit - basicly taking most of the weight off your hands and though allowing the rotation to happen. It will feel as if you barely have any weight on your palms at start - and then you can rotate the arms easly.

Also, Justin, dedicate some time to the Halfs first and try to feel more comfortable there. Film yourself and make sure you reach the position and when you do the small hop - that you are shifting weight into your palms. Together with some handstand work we are going to do later on the problem will be solved, I assure you. Be patient and practice. a lot.

Ido said...

Anonymos poster, make sure you post your name next time as I will not answer people's questions without a name - this is common courtesy, I hope you understand and we agree on this.

Ricky, NiftyVT said...

Ok, now I understand. I was just trying to muscle through the rotation. I am also going to dedicate more time to the Halfs because mine were also "little kid" looking. =)

-A said...

Just started actually taking part in all this about a week ago, i'm really interested to see how it all works out.

I spent a week(roughly) doing the first workout, making my way from beginner to intermediate before I moved onto this second workout, but only today I noticed that workout one, two, three and four were posted on consecutive days. Did you plan for us to be working each workout for one day and then moving on to the next the next day(mirroring the regularity of your posting) or should we be staying on the same workout until we have 'mastered' it?

Stepett Fitness said...

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Kts Seo said...

Ok, now I understand. I was just trying to muscle through the rotation. I am also going to dedicate more time to the Halfs because mine were also "little kid" looking. =)

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