Sunday, April 13, 2008

LA 2008

Los An-hell-es. Once more... Here I am again in the plastic capital of the world.

After a very llllloooonnng and tiring flight, I was picked up by a friend (Parafina) and we went talking into the night. I was dead tired but you know how it goes with two capoeiristas talking shop, not much better than two old ladies.

I finally went to sleep around 02:00AM and woke up 4 hours later with my eyes wide open. The jetleg is here.

I went to a small jog around the neighborhood and got some stares from the local latino comunity... Apperantly a white guy jogging without a shirt at 0600AM in Van Nuys is not a common sight.

I did some dynamic stretching and worked the elastic band a bit and prepared a small breakfast of organic omega 3 eggs plus some greens tossed in. I ate this omlete with a horseradish mustard... mmmm.... spicy! (not as good as the russian one, though...)

Parafina woke up a few hours later and we went to a local stuntmen meet.

It was held in a huge house of an vetern stuntman from the old school. (used to do a lot of work in the 1960's and still does until today) He has a huge back yard with trampolines, landing mats, trapeze and high fall tower. All of the local Holywood stunt guys and gals meet up here twice a week and train for free, exchanging tips on falls, crashes, trampoline, fight choreography and other cool stuff.

We jumped a bit on the double mini tramp and then I went to learn the basic free falling techniques. Here is the result:

And this is an ex-olympic gymnast jumping off one of the high tower lower drops:

This is a very cool guy that works a lot with freerunning and parkour doing the real deal of the small drop:

All in all, a great first morning in Hollywood. Met some interesting people and got to move my body a bit. Next we are off to Venice Beach to train and hang out. Stay tuned and comment for G's sake.


odel said...

hi idog!

it's not a surprise that you didnt let your self rest after the flight...

it looks like it's realy cool there and that your having a lot of fun.

for some reason we can't watch the videos you posted.

keep on having fun and learning, we hope you'll come back with a lot of new ideas and stories.

miss you already

odel & memada

Vadim T. said...

Haha, Odelia, you've missing the best parts. You should see the most noble rookie fall in the world's history (:

Ido, keep posting for G's sake.

drorzipori said...

hi ido,
what a cool first day!
i couldn't whatch the videos, but I know they are very cool...

well, I'll stay in touch,
have fun (I know you will =] )...

Ido Portal said...

Thanks for the responses, I hope you'll like whats comming next...

Ido Portal said...

BTW, please let me know if you still cant see the videos...
From here, there is no problem.

tal said...

Hi Ido!
I read that you had a great day, didn't let the four hour sleep get in the way.

I hope you'll keep having great time there, and learn some cool stuffs.

I can't watch the videos, so when it will be watchable, I'll watch them.


בן said...

Hi Ido,
its very fitting you to sleep only a couple of hours, and then having a busy day of training... : ]

hope you met some new interesting people, and that you'll bring their ideas to the practices when you'll return.

hope hearing from you about your nexy experiences there.


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