Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Flagstaff, Arizona...

My time in Flagstaff is once again a completely different experience. This place is all about nature, and whenever you look up, you can see the iced tops of the nearby mountains. It is also different because the people here represent another breed of Americans. A lot less bullshit and much more 'take it as it is' approach, although not quite as in Israel.
Avi and moran and their daughter Ophek are having me in their cozy (but dirty) home. It is great to be among friends like that. They are also very 'green' and naturalistic in their approach to life, and eating good food here is easy. And I dont just mean paleo food, but the real deal. Since arriving here i've had deer meat, buffalo (Jerky), organic veggies, blackberries and drinking good black Turkish Coffee. (Rare in the US to find a good coffee and not that cocksy stuff they drink in Starbucks)
I've also enjoyed my workshops here and introducing my Capoeira to people who know little about my world.
We have been doing some indoor and outdoor climbing and are planning to do more in the next couple of days. Have a look at some bouldering I've done with Avi's guidance, it is V2 level. (not that high, but a challenge to me...)

We have also explored some of the local nature, around Sedona, here are some pictures of a hike we took the first day I arrived here:


Chiquita said...

Hey, Ido!

U have a lot of different experience by climbing, balancing from professional people...cool :)

and I hope u`ll share ur knowleges with ur students, friends
its good that u writing about food in those places
and I like so much floreio in previous post
The new pics are amazing too..as usual

miss u more else

lakotaphey said...

Thanks, Madona.
Nice to know you are following my blog.
I'm a true believer in sharing knowledge, I never hold back, but I'll write about that in the future in more detail.

Climbing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Gymnastics and many more disciplines are some of my hobbies. Each one brings about different qualities, states of mind and makes you deal with new fears. Always a good thing, in the right dosage.
Capoeira is Life, though. Practice.

Ido Portal said...

That was me, sorry... Too many computers here in Avi's place.

tal said...

That climb seems very fun thing (I like the climbing walls), and meet with Avi and Moran should be nice :)

I'm able to watch the videos now, all of them are great!

Send Avi my regards (If that is the right word, I'm not sure), and hoping you'll enjoy the rest of your trip,

drorzipori said...

hey ido!
the Arizona looks really cool!
what colors...
The climbing looks nice=]
wow! in the 1st picture, that's really really tall!

happy birthday for tomorrow!!! =]]


Anonymous said...

its funny to find this blog and read in it, but you wanted us to comment so here i am doing it.

the trip sounds lovely
keep on having fun

shani (aka beira mar)

Paul said...


I wanted to say that you are one of my biggest inspirations, i've been reading some of your posts on gymnasticbodies and watching your blog for some time now.

I really like the fact you are such an all round athlete and that you know so much about the human body and nutrition. Those are all things I want to improve in.

Well thats what I wanted to say basically, I hope you keep updating your blog and I'm sure I'll learn a lot more from it.


Anonymous said...

That's not Flagstaff it's Sedona you shmuck, it's an hour away

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