Monday, April 14, 2008

Venice Beach, California

Venice beach is where you want to be. Especialy when a hot day hits you (there is a heat wave here in LA) and you have a bottle of freezing cold (non sweetened) green tea.

The beach is full of beautifull people. Colorful, athletic.

The open basketball courts has amazing players showing off their abilities, while everyone just seems to dunk a bball, even the whities hanging around,

The muscle beach gym always has one or two body builders moving some iron,

The beach has an assortment of bodyweight training equipment like high ropes, pbars, high bars, rings, and even overhead plates for speed bag boxing use.

What else can I ask for?

We went at it, warming up at the big grass with some floreio.

Pretty quick a small crowd gathered around us, asking questions, inquiring about those unexplained movements.

We pushed on and did some acrobatics.
We continued near the grass with some equilibre work on static positions:

We went to the bodyweight area and finished up with some strength work on the aparatus:

Finally, a picture of a man with his son, just explaining the basic facts of life...

After ripping it apart at the beach we went back to the valley to grab a bight to eat in a local resturant with israely food. I ate some delicious Lamb Shishlik with a good arebian (Dak Dak...) salad and drank some more ice tea...

My food was delayed in the kitchen, but in order for me not to hurt the americanized waitress gentle feelings I just hinted her with an inquiring face on the plate. Where is my food, dog?

Life is good. Live it hardcore. More to come....


drorzipori said...

Wow, a great first day & a great secoud one?
That, like you said: "(the) good life"...
very nice fhotos and movements!

keep writing, it's interesting to read about what you do there.. really...


odel said...

we still can't watch the videos, but i think the problem is in our computer because grito told us that he could see them.

any way, very nice picturs
especially the one with the plate..

for how long are you planing to stay in LA before you move to your next destination?

can't wait to hear more about your adventures from the far USA

odel & memada

Ido Portal said...

I'm going to be giving workshops and training here until thursday and then I'm heading to San Fransisco for a couple of days of taking private classes and sight seeing.

tal said...

Seems to be a very nice beach there at California.

Very nice pictures!
I still can't watch the videos, It's not that I can't watch at all; when I click on the start button, I see a baby.. maybe problem with the upload.

Waiting to read and see more.


בן said...

Hi Ido, hope you're having a great the pictures i can see you do...
I also can't watch the movies, but the pictures explane well how is it there. keep writing to us about your adventures in US,


Vadim T. said...

I can't beleive you were not seized by the police for walking in a public place without bra ((( :

Ido Portal said...

I swear to God I'm one of the smallest guys in Muscle Beach. You should see some of the monsters walking around here...

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