Monday, December 11, 2006

Physical Preparation and Nutrition for Capoeira Seminar

We will be hosting a seminar at Hacasa about 'Physical Preparation and Nutrition for Capoeira' at the 26/1/2007.
It will include many subjects:

Building a proper warm up

Creating a personal training program for the capoeira professional

Designing and implementing a group training program to support technical capoeira

Nutrition for the capoeirista

For more details (For the Hebrew readers) go to:
The spaces are limited, be quick and sign up.

Also, my good friend and colleague Robb Wolf from NorCal Strength & Conditioning (check them up at: NorcalSC) has just published a very interesting debate between two HUGE nutrition authorities - Dr. Loren Cordain (Paleo diet) and Dr. T. Colin Campbell. (China study)
The debate is about Protein. Requirements, sources, importance, and data around it. I gulped it down in one sip, I'm sure you will enjoy the piece just as much.
Protein Debate
Also, check out the monthly e-zine that the NorcalSC are issueing -
The Performance Menu
I've written some material for them - in the first issue which you can download as a free sample at their site, and another upcomming piece in the January 2007 issue. Check it out, its a goldmine of information for health and sports man.


lilcorujao said...

oi prof. i was wondering, since i can't attend your seminar, if there was some way to get my hands on your notes or an outline of the topics you are going to cover?

Ido Portal said...

Well, one of my biggest influences, a very good strength coach named Charles Poliquin, is known to have learned the German languege because most data about strength training at the time was published in German. So, maybe some data is worth learning a new languege, if you are serious enough...
If you are not fanatical enough for that, my other option is to wait for a future project I'm working on, that will reveal a lot of the knowledge I've collected in the last 10 years about capoeira, floreio, training, music, mental preparation for capoeira and more... in an online content. It will take time, as we are just in the first stages of production, but will be worth the wait. The capoeira world has never seen something like that, I assure you.

lilcorujao said...

oh yes, i remember you mentioning that you were putting something together online. it sounds exciting i will definately be looking out for that.
ps... let me know if you have anymore old clips. i managed to learn the last one.

lilcorujao said...

oi prof, do you have another e-mail address besides the tantrum? i tried to contact you with that one but it was returned undeliverable each time. sorry for using your blog for this.

Ido Portal said...

if all fails,

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