Thursday, September 21, 2006

Soft tissue work

Last night I've done some soft tissue work on my whole body using the foam roller and a tennis ball. This is the 'poor-man's' deep tissue massage, and helps you to create a better elasticity and health in your soft tissues.
I started the protocol in my feet and went up through tibialis, calfs, hams, quads, glutes, hip flexors, lower back, upper back, rotator-cuffs. I was a bit sore before it, felt a lot better after, took a hot shower, and had a slow digesting protein before bed - for a slow, consistant supply of amino acids over the whole sleeping window. One of the best choices here is cottage cheese mixed with some nuts and sweetend with some stevia. (natural sweetener)
I woke up this morning feeling a lot better and recuperated. By the way, soft tissue work hurts like hell. Imagine someone digging his fingers through your skin with a varied pressure of 5kg-65kg (my bodyweight), you can play with the amount of pressure by shifting and moving on the foam roller or ball. Try it, even if you can only afford the tennis ball option. A good place to start is:


Vadim T. said...

Whoa! Thank's for reminding.

James_Russell said...

does this sort of soft tissue work help you with imbalances towards focused muscles that you tend to use over others? for example, you usually work most often using your hands, so it's common to develop more using the front of your body which you can see, than with your back... so I guess what I'm asking, is do you find it useful for becoming more aware of your muscles that your naturally compensating for, for whatever reason?

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Belle Misss said...

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Unknown said...

Hey Ido, I read online that stevia can be dangerous for people, causing all kinds of side effects. I assume that you are aware of this, so why do you use it and how safe do you think it is?
Thanks for all the information, really appreciate it


Ahne SD said...

Great post

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