Saturday, September 16, 2006

Morning training...

My recent morning routine, just after waking up and before breakfast:

A. full body mobility routine
B. dynamic stretching lower body + upper body
C1. ecc one arm chinups 1 rep per side lowering 4-10 sec
and going up with the help of the other hand pinky finger only
C2. 15 sec one handed elbow lever one rep per side
D. extra training - this varies from morning to morning,
sometimes some jumping pistols, some times muscleups or
some kind of handstand work or pressing

The intention is to reach the one arm chinup again in both arms, and to improve control in the one handed elbow lever - to 60 second total time without touching the floor.
Usualy afterwards I do some dousing with cold water - 3 buckets on my head or swimming in the sea.
Then come breakfast - some kind of a protein rich in L-tyrosin - omega 3 eggs or red meat with a handfull of nuts and my morning supplements. This is the ultimate breakfast choice for someone looking for energy in the morning, as opposed to the 'old school' and wrong view of a carb loaded breakfast. This bad choice would lead you to play the 'insulin-blood sugar' rollercoaster game the whole day, while feeling drained of energy and tired. Try it.


James_Russell said...

Ido, so for breakfast you say a protein rich diet with a high content of healthy fats gives you better energy? do you eat any fruit in the mornings with your meals?

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