Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Early training before breakfast

This was today's morning workout:
A 15 drops GSE in water
B Joint mobility
C Groin static-dynamic flexibility
D Ginga and variations 10 min straight
E Dynamic leg lifts 10 rep each X 4 positions
F Armada 3 diffrent fintas X 20 rep / 60 sec rest
Mei Lua 3 diffrent fintas X 20 rep / 60 sec rest
G Handstand, no walking 40 sec X 3 sets / 60 sec rest
H 6 min of alternating static splits 30 sec each position
I Dousing 3 buckets on head
J Breakfast: 2 fish oil capsules, chicken breast, small salad, multivitamin, 1 cup organic tea

I'm a bit sore from last nights acrobatic and s&c workout, but after the mobility work felt better.
I have so much inspiration for so many fields and diciplines, I can hardly sit still. Saying that the last thing I have to worry about is a lack of motivation is an understatement. I feel sorry for the people who don't have a natural curiosity and a healthy understanding that you need to cultivate your motivation. I have a lot of students that are exactly like that. They expect me to fuel their curiosity without understanding I wont be there forever to play that role. Reading, writing, experimenting, keeping an open mind, seeing, smelling, touching, etc are your main tools in the job of creating the right state of mind that will allow you to work hard.
No one is able to work hard with no motivation. Not for the long run. Keep pushing.


James_Russell said...

Hey Ido, I was wondering if your dousing of buckets on your head are cold water, hot water, or air temp. water. Also is this just to wash off sweat, or if it is cold water, is it to lower your internal body temperature a bit to make your body pump more blood? Let me know, thanks!

James H russell

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