Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Morning ritual

This morning ritual:

A. Wake up
B. 15 drops of GSE in a half cup of water
C. Gymnastics warm up with joint mobility, balistic flexibility and general movements
D1. One ring-one handed Curl&Bridge slow and controled, 1 rep per arm / 3 sets
D2. 20 sec one arm elbow lever 1 rep per arm / 3 sets
E. Dousing with 3 water buckets on my head in my yard
F. Shower and a good scrub with my new russian scrub (peels off the dead skin)
G. 3 capsules of Omega 3 fish oil, Hacasa brand (People interested in the best fish oil product on the market - kept in refrigeration from the moment of creation until it reaches you, call our office at 04-83773340 and we'll ship it to you)
H. Breakfast - 3 eggs fried in a drip of olive oil, half a tomato, one cucumber salted with atlantic sea salt
I. A cup of organic green tea, not sweetend of course
J. 1 multivitamin/mineral

Short and sweet, and to the point. This is the way to wake up and feel alive and in full throttle within minutes from getting out of bed. Try it.


Scott Hagnas said...


I'm curious what the Curl and Bridge exercise is?


Robb Wolf said...

Second that question. Also, Ido are you using the GSE as an anti-microbial to improve digestion? Any probiotics in the mix?

EdOpines said...

How long have you been eating like this? How long do you think it would take to feel the difference in a change of diet?

Ido said...

Scott and Robb,
did you ever find out about the one arm curl and bridge exercise? I have only seen your comments now..
I use GSE as a anti-parasite agent and combine it with probiotics, of course. I also use GSE when traveling to prevent problems when eating out all the time.

Ed, I have been eating this way for many years now. You would feel some differences right away, and other things will 'click in' only after 2-12 weeks. Try it.

Ivan Cook said...

Awesome stuff :)

Alex Ogica said...

Why not some real grapefruit instead?