Sunday, July 09, 2006

We have a winner!

Last night was the final stage in the world capoeiracapu competition. In the men´s devision, Grito who went on to compete in the finals didnt enter the top 3. The games were realy physical stressful and intense, and he went hunting for two of the best guys in order to win. Unfurtenatly, the game´s interaction wasnt quite good enough.
Animada did the same, going for the best players in the women devision and taking no prisoners, and she took them all down one after the other, while doing some amazing floreio and acrobatics.
When the winner was announced, she couldnt believe it, and went on to take a 500 e$ price home.
We are on our way to a beach roda outside of Bilbao, and would arrive home tomorow.
C u there,