Sunday, July 02, 2006

CapoeiraCapu Spain 2006

Hello and welcome everyone! Friends, students, random onlookers and enemies... (I have so many, I might as well address them properly...)

In this small space and meeting spot I will publish my thoughts, photos, news and critisicm of the world capoeiracapu capoeira festival in Spain.

For the ones who dont know, Capoeiracapu is a mega capoeira event, that will be held in Bilbao, Spain during the 5th-9th of July.
The event includes workshops with 24 diffrent mestres representing various styles, school of thoughts and opinions of Capoeira.
Also, a big part of the event will be a world capoeira competition with 100 male capoeiristas, 100 females and 30 groups representing their country or capoeira group.

We are traveling 3 from Israel, me and 2 students : Grito and Animada, and are planning to have a great time and learn as much as we can from the experience.

Meanwhile training for the event is going nicely, we are training 2-4 sessions a day including acrobatics, floreio, pairs, rodas and just lots of physical activity and capoeira.

Stay tuned for more during the next couple of days as I update this blog with some photos and more txt.

Ido de Haifa. CDO>


Robb Wolf said...

Hey Ido! Can't wait to see how the Blog goes!
Have fun in Spain!

oren said...

how long are you going to keep your admirers waiting?... tell us tell us tell us...

oren said...

good luck for them. but that's not what a blog is for. sit down on your fatless ass and write something interesting :-)