Saturday, July 08, 2006

Grito and Animada are in the finals!!!

I`m very short on time, so I´ll make this brief and to the point.
The event is amazing. Great capoeira in various styles and ways.
Both Grito and Animada qualified for the finals which will take place
I´ll try to update later about the results...


EdOpines said...

Ido - are you a part of any certain group? Cordao? Mandinga? Where did you learn your Capoeira (and from whom)?

Ido said...

I was part of Cordao de ouro for many years. Right now I am not affiliated with anyone, just concentrating on doing my work.
I started capoeira with Paulo Caliman from Capuraginga (a student of Mestre Loka) and continued to learn with Edan Harrari in Cordao de Ouro, whom I consider my real teacher. I have also spent long periods of time training in Brazil with various groups and especialy learned a lot from Esquilo from Sete Lagoas - a good friend and great capoeirista.

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