Saturday, May 09, 2009

A small interview

My interview with Steve Atlas from Atlas Training System in Spokane, Washington, after a successful workshop. Enjoy:


Dr French said...

respect for your work! just one question: if you can make a living from teaching, i understand you're able to train 6-10 hours a day...but what about your students? how can anybody work out such a huge amount of time (daily) if they are working??

Andres said...

Hey Ido.
Thanks for the videos.
You are an inspiration my man.

Ido said...

Dr French, some of them cant, others live a similar way of life to mine. Working in the field helps, of course.

Lior said...

Hello Ido,
I've been reading your posts for quite some time.
It's a great pleasure and inspiration to see a true artist.
Though I come from Hi-Tech management I share many of the opinions you've expressed here: Learn but don't lose yourself in data, apply logic, experiment and find what is best for you.


Ido said...

Thank you, Lior.
In life, art, sport, buisness, everything that is practiced in high level share many similar principles.

Jorge ItapuĆ£ Beiramar said...

Hello my dear friend Ido.

Just like to congratulate you for the interview i just saw and hope that your tour in America brought to you a lot of wisdom to you share with your friends. You are a big shot in America man.

I'm glad your work is been spreading out the world.

Lot's of respect.

Jorge ItapuĆ£ Beiramar

Ido said...

What a nice surprise to hear from you here.
Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot comming from a world superstar like yourself.

Hope to see you in Israel,

Anonymous said...

Many people grow tired of styles like regional, conteporanea etc.. You could've gone into capoeira angola for more wisdom and creativity instead of starting creating your own style. There's too many already.. But hey thanks for not naming it capomagic or caposthenics or some other name that would point to "serious flaws" in applying capoeira to different situations..

But on the good note - your work does look great, keep it up!


Ido said...

I have been heavily immeresed in Capoeira Angola for many years, learning from such people like Mestres Jogo de Dentro, Marcelo Angola, Claudio Angoleiro do Sertao and many more over the years.
I am no Angoleiro, but has spend long periods of time training ONLY Angola, in Salvador, Itaparica (Angoleiros do mar) and other places.

I dont see this 'transition' into capoeira angola that many people go through as 'opening up your world'... not at all.. Not if you learned you capoeira in a place that allows development, and has content to begin with. Capoeira Angola is dear to my heart, but its quality music, ritual, expression, and movement quality is something contemporary capoeiristas (like myself) can learn from, get inspired with and bring into their own practice. Unfurtunatly, it does not happen very often..

If you come to visit here someday (you are welcome here in Hacasa anytime) you will witness the quality of music, ritual, roda, the level of interaction, expression and much much more, and maybe you will realize it is possible to practice contemporary capoeira with quality.

Anonymous said...

Hey ido,
I caught later on in the interview that you mentioned something about your diet and how it helps you keep a good set of energy for training. What was the name of that diet? i would like to lear more about it..


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