Saturday, May 02, 2009

Corta Capim

I've started training acrobatics in a quite a late stage in my life - 16 years old.
And even then it was a very disorginized and random kind of training. I was basicly thrown into the waters - jump and do it.
Years later, and through the experience of training myself and others, I came to the realization that some kind of a systematic and thought-of aproach is needed, even in the field of self expressive, freestyle work.
I've started to devise a way to better prepare the body and teach some of the basic progressions to this kind of aerial work. I am not only talking about traditional gymnastics work, but other, more flexible and directed aproach, more suitable to this type of style.

Let me know what you think...


Garanhao said...

Hello Professor,
It is always great to see updates here. All the new footage is great and motivates to push ourselves even harder in each training.
Impressive height on the flips, awesome armada dupla and half-twisted folhas! Combinations and the flow are also inspiring.
I like the way You give Capoeira`s most wild elements-acrobatics, this scientific, systematic approach.
Best regards

avi said...

Great stuff bro. If I can even dare to express my opinions than I love how each movement is of the highest quality. Too often today we see half assed movements with no attention to detail and style. Your attention to these things makes you special. I am still struggling with the basics myself considering I started when I was 31, but now am inspired to keep trying to achieve my goals. Hope your travels are productive.
Avi GDL.

Ido Portal said...

Thank you for your kind words, men.

Garanhao, understanding what I do, will do and how to get there is the biggest thing for me. I have no control over things if I cant understand them, so the Nike slogan 'Just Do It' doesnt cut if for me...

Avi, 31 is not so bad. The sky is the limit. Dedication is key.

Joana said...

Hi Ido,

I just saw your Self-Dominance video at a friend´s Orkut page and that´s how I came to your blog. Your movements and body control are beautifull and very inspiring. I loved your blog and the things you write so I´m certainly gonna check it out often.

To quikly introduce myself, my name is Joana, I live in Brazil and practice capoeira for 3 years now in Grupo Ginga (Belo Horizonte).

It is a pleadure to have found your blog. Thanks!


Ido said...

Obrigado pela suas palavras.
Esta sempre bem vindo ao meu blog, continua treinando e explorando,

Gabbiies said...

Very Clean Your spins are near perftection and i like your style of doing thing (Y) a big thumbs up Ido

Φώτης said...

When i try to view the video it says that i cant view it because of copyright restrictions?Any idea on how i can view it?
thanks in advance!

Ido said...

I do not respond to anonymous posters, sorry. If you want to be taken seriously, post your name, either way, go look for attention somewhere else.

avi said...


Ido is one of those people who do not need any protection from his friends or anyone, and I know he may not like me commenting on this. Yet, as a person training capoeira with little acrobatic abilities I feel that your post expressed more frustration with your own abilities rather then a true observation of what capoeira is. Being proficient in all aspects of capoeira and physical training, like Ido is, deserves appreciation and not bitterness hidden behind a fake concern to capoeira.