Monday, November 20, 2006


The biggest slogan running around the media these days about Las Vegas is: 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'. I've learned it is with this exact mentality that people come to visit this Beautifull but frightening place.
It is everywhere. You can smell it in the air. Its in the gazed look on the faces of people staring at their money saying 'goodbye'. Its on the poor girls faces dancing in small tubs compeletly naked to the eyes of onlookers. This place is all about desires.
I was floating on top of it all, sometimes diving down, lightly or aggresivly touching it. I've never experienced such an energy in my life. This is the first time I've looked at people letting go completely and falling into their desires with such an intensity. It was an experience alright.
I think half of it is seeing those PC-polite-held back americans walking the dark side... You know what they say: 'The higher you go, the further you fall'.
Anyways, I'm not going to blab anymore about it. My thoughts still needs further digestion. I'll leave you with these words only. Love you all, and miss you, friends, wherever you are right now. Write me some comments, I know you are reading, but lets hear it. Ido.


Gittit Shwartz said...

This devil pair, repression/compensation, is a fundamental issue for us here, trying to live a lifestyle that we conciously choose and impose on ourselves, in an environment that doesn't match or support these patterns of activity, diet, training, etc.
So, what makes it repression or deprivation? How much of it is biological (the body's response to lack of food or difficult conditions), and how much depends simply on whether YOU see it as deprivation or repression of something you need and deserve?
How do you deal with it - as someone who has implemented this lifestyle longer and more consistently and successfully than most of us?

oren said...

cut the crap, how much did you loose on the slot machines so far?
say hi to cirque-du-soleil for me.

Ido Portal said...

Gittit, of course there is no magic potion answer here. Dealing with it is always through dealing with the pain and discomfort of deprivation. But.... Looking at the pain as deprivation always leads you to compensation, seeing it as the necessary and obvious pain of a quick growth spurt alows you to keep improving. You need to learn how to enjoy the feeling. When you are craving for some bad food choices or in pain due to training, try to see it as: 'at last... the body is finaly signaling me it is in the process of growth'. This is often seen by people on the outside as 'acting crazy', 'losing it'. But it is realy a concious choice to be a bad ass.

Ido Portal said...

Gafanhoto, I lost a couple of hundred of bucks, but furtunatly it wasnt my money... I went to see the biggest show of them all, as I could only see one. It is called 'Le Reve' - 'The Dream'. It was produced by Franco Dragone, the man who created 'O', 'Mystere' and a lot more CDS shows. Needless to say, I was blown away. Another dream comes true..

Robb Wolf said...

Good stuff Ido! We were in Reno (little brother to Vegas) doing a seminar. Good times but too much driving. Give me a call when you get a chance.

Rosanne Fréchette said...

Are you playing around in a park this week?
I would come wake up my body, animal around and shake hands wishing you a good and inspired route. Ciao xx

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