Thursday, November 23, 2006

Advanced group training

This was last night's capoeira training session for the advanced group in Hacasa:
A. Running around with joint mobility to diffrent body parts.
B. Strength routine as a pre-fatigue procedure. 3 sets of 10 chinups, 10 handstand push ups, 10 pistols per leg. All done continuesly with minimal rest. The intent is to create fatigue before the
capoeira training for the students to learn to deal with diveresed situations under fatigue.
C. Dynamic stretching 15 reps per legs, diffrent directions. holding a back bridge for 60 seconds.
D. Various Aus, and flowing in and out of bridges as a more specific warm up and control.
E. Ginga+Ginga variations 5 minutes total, no rest.
F. Individual work in front of the mirror of various combinations of kicks flowing into floreio on the floor. reps between 20-30, no stop.
G. Pairs work using the diffrent combinations worked in part F but in an interactive situation.
H. Pairs interaction work, using the diffrent combinations just like in part G, only in an unknown structure and organization, though working on your reaction and 'game's vision'.
I. Training roda using the material from the whole training. Small, 6-7 people rodas and emphesize on quantity of games.
J. Going out to the street near the training center for some hill sprints. We did 3 X 250 meter up the hill sprints, going off every 3 minutes. You basicly have to run up the hill as fast as you can, and come back walking, every 3 minutes you go for another set. This is for working on some anaerobic endurance after the technical part of the training is over.
K. Isometric stretching for front and side splits, 30 seconds each X 3 sets of each of the 3 positions.

The training took us exactly 120 minutes. It was pushed to the limit, even one of the advanced students threw up a couple of times before the isometrics were over, just after the sprints. Good work from everyone, not a word of complaint and a lot of spirit and motivation to complete everything in the best way possible. We are going to do this for at least 3 weeks straight, at least 4 times a week. Pain is good.


Vadim T. said...

That was really rough training. I can't imagine me surviving such thing.

Ido Portal said...

Yes, it was quite stressfull, although we've had worst things here at the casa'. You have to build up for such a thing.

Vadim T. said...

Describe smthng. What is the need to stress yourself like that?

Ido Portal said...

The whole process of improvment is creating a stressfull event - and though signaling a supercompensation response. You train yourself to a fatigue state and then you recuperate and improve beyond the first set point. The magic is in creating the stressors in the right intensity and timing to support the supercompensation and 'ride' the wave of improvement.

tomweksler said...

I have to say that it was a great practice and i had a really good time.
not trying to be a suck-up here
but damn, show me another capoeira teacher, anywhere, that could build up such a complete physical and mental training that lasts only 120 minutes!

Ido Portal said...

mmmmm... what was that??.... It feels strange... A bit wet and warm... and long... The texture feels so familiar.... oh! Its a tongue up my arsehool. Does this have anything to do with you skipping class last night without notifying in advance?!

Gittit Shwartz said...

Ido, say something about the Angola Yoga routine we did on Friday. I'll risk being grouped with the suck-ups and say, it feels like being along for the ride as legends are forming here...

Ido Portal said...

Thank you. This was pure inspiration. The ability to create a certain feel and go with it the full way, while improvising and creating your path as you go through the training session takes a lot of experience and knowing what you are after. Its been awhile since I've let go like this, but it realy did feel good. I'm glad all of you were there to enjoy the journey.

Nicki said...

Arselicking to continue:
You folks in Haifa are amazingly lucky to have Ido. I've had a few conversations with people from the US who are looking into travel plans for your fair city. The batizado in LA had a lot of impact!
Robb Wolf

edeguzman said...

Intense work

EdOpines said...

That's incredible - I think the body really adjusts to what it's given. I train four times a week as well but our sessions are not even close to this.

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