Sunday, April 12, 2009

USA tour 2009 - Itinerary

May 2nd - Landing in LA
May 4th - Equilibre and floreio Workshops in Spokane, Washington (Contact Steve Atlas from for details)
May 8th - Equilibre workshop in San Francisco (Contact Shira from for details)
May 9th - Corporal Dialogue workshop and Vires workshop (Gymnastics & BW oriented physical development class) (Again, in
May 10th-14th - Miami, Florida (Contact me if intersted in personal or group training)
May 15th&16th - Capoeira workshop LA (Contact Amir Solsky for details
May 17th-21st - Arizona
(Contact me if intersted in personal or group training)
May 22nd&23rd - Gymnasticbodies Camp in Tehachapi, CA, Gymnastics oriented strength and conditioning 2 day camp in Woodward Camp together with Coach Christopher Sommer, for details
May 24th-28th - Las Vegas
(Contact me if intersted in personal or group training)

If anyone is interested in my services, I will be giving personal consultations on the subjects I work with (Nutrition, physical development, Capoeira, Equilibre, Acrobatics) along with personal or group training. For more details, contact me through email at:


Shira Yaziv said...

Here is the link with info about ido's workshops at the Athletic Playground (San Francisco area).

Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS said...

Gittit knows me...if you want some places to play around while you're in Arizona, let me know!

We do Wednesday nights at a gymnastics center, Saturdays at my gymnastics-conditioning-friendly garage gym...if you're interested in trying to set up some workshops I have several gym owner friends who I can talk to...

Ido said...

Thanks a lot man, please email me at

Ed X said...


Will you ever be visiting Australia?

Ido said...

how soon can you sent the ticket? I am packed and ready to go...



Ed X said...

hmmmm......carry the 2...divide by6,,,,,,,,, and taking into account I'm a student and have no real income. It could be a while! :(

But never say never, my friend.


scott said...

Late addition: If you are in the Pacific Northwest, Ido will be teaching two workshops this Wednesday afternoon/evening, May 6th in Portland, OR. Here is a link to the gym:

Anonymous said...

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