Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lazarevskaya and mountain training

We have reached a small beach town, called Lazarevskaya, on the shore of the black sea.
It is a beautiful and vibrant place, with all of the characteristics of a beach town: the
tanned bodies of beautiful people, boats flowing in and out of the piers, water sports
ripping up close to the beach, warm sunny weather and lots of small hotels spread around the

I especially liked a small coffee place called 'Botanik'. We frequently went there for some
good green tea (They even serve it with a plate of diffrent nuts - can you believe it?) or a
light meal. Vadim, a good friend and brother and my companion for this trip has taken upon
himself to teach me the game of chess. We spend some of our nights in this charming place,
playing the game. I love it. Cant believe I didnt learn it until now...

What is even more apealing in this place to me is the close by mountains with their small
villages, the river crossing through and nature life.

We decided to hike into the unexplored woods and do some physical training while we are in
In the first day, after a 90 minute hike up the mountain we reached a nice spot and put on
the rings on a tree branch. We went a head to do some sets on the extreme rings.

After the workout we went down to the river for some cool down. How about that Tarzen, ha?!

Vadim went ahead and performed his famous 'ugliest jump in the world' into the waters. Take
a look:

After the workout we had some glycogen replenishing fruits as the first part of our post-workout meal:

On our second day in the nature we went up a diffrent route and hiked a realy difficult path
right through the river. We have reached places I believe few humans have reached, and it
was quite an experience.

This day I suggested we do some training with a rock. I found a nice spot and we went ahead
to complete a strength endurance circuit with this rock as our challenge. Back squats,
presses, deadlifts and push ups performed for 21,15,9 reps. Quite a heart pumper. Vadim
handled himself great and didnt let go, pushing until the last rep was completed.

Overall great couple of days, stay tuned for my sailing and fishing experiences... I hope
you are listening out there...


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