Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bridge Push Ups

As you probobly figured by now, I do not believe in limiting your training to traditional, linear exercises only.
For example, I once counted over 80 types of push ups I use in my training.
The goal is to be strong in every angle, to achieve better control and... dominance of your body in the space around it. I will push (and pull for that matter) in every concievable angle, as long as I understand the biomechanics and think there is a use to it. The result is that I rarely run into situations in which I encounter problems due to a lack of strength. Over the years I have trained in boxing, bouldering, jiu jitsu, ballet, kung fu, ran long distances, track and field, gymnastics, and more and more. I have learned much from those sports/arts and try to incorporate that knowledge into my practice every day.

Today we are going to work on a very basic but the often neglected Bridge Push Ups.
I use a variety of bridge push ups, I will introduce three variations out of many today.

The Basic Bridge Push Ups

This is the basic variation. Lay on your back, bring your heels close to your butt and place your hands, with fingers pointing at your feet, under your shoulders.
Push up into the highest back bridge you can reach, hold momentarily and lower down, trying to bring your butt and shoulder blades at the same time to the floor.
Repeat for reps.
Notice that unlike other performers of this type of push ups I use the full range of motion - back on the floor to complete elbow lockout. You should do the same for maximum results.

The One Leg Bridge Push Ups

This variation will require more control and strength in the posterior chain (hams, glutes and lower back) and will place a higher demand on your core muscles.
I like to use this variation especialy because it transfers so well to various Floreio movements. (I have not shared those movements yet)
Basicly, perform the same bridge push ups, only with one leg extended straight and held off the ground. The same details as the basic variation apply here also. Full range of motion.

The One Arm Bridge Push Ups

This variation will place higher demands on your arms and shoulders as well to a host of muscles running across the upper body that will get activated here as stabilizers, due to the lack of support from the free arm.

From the basic starting position, use only one arm to push up into a one arm back bridge. Hold momentarily and lower down under control.
This variation can be out of reach to some people due to a lack of active flexibility and strength in many areas in the body. Work the basic bridge push ups variations for a while before you try to tackle this one.

Workout - beginner

Warm Up - Mobility
A1. 5 min Joint Mobility
A2. Wrists Routine X 1 set
A3. Shoulder ROM and Stabilization routine X 1 set
A4. Ido's Squat Clinic Routine X 1 set
A5. Scapula Mobilization Routine X 1 set

B1. Static QDR 10-30 sec per side / 3 sets / 45 sec rest

C1. Head Bridge To QDR Work (choose the variation you are capable of) 10-20 reps / 3 sets / 60 sec
D1. High Bridge Static Hold 30 sec
D2. Rotations Into Arch Using The Wall X 10 reps


D1. Rotations into High Bridge X 10 reps / 3 sets / 60 sec rest
E1. Corta Capim Rotations X 20 reps per side / 3 sets / 60 sec

F1. The Shrimp (foot+knee or just knee of the back leg touching the ground)
F2. Swedish Bench Hanging Leg Raises
F3. Basic Bridge Push Ups
Perform 10 (5-5 per leg in the shrimp),8,6,4,2 reps with as little rest as possible of F1-F3

G1. Wrists Routine X 2 subsequent sets / 60 sec rest

Workout - intermidiate

Warm Up - Mobility
A1. 5 min Joint Mobility
A2. Wrists Routine X 1 set
A3. Shoulder ROM and Stabilization routine X 1 set
A4. Ido's Squat Clinic Routine X 1 set
A5. Scapula Mobilization Routine X 1 set

B1. Static QDR 20-30 sec per side / 3 sets / 45 sec rest

C1. Rotation Into High Bridge to Head to QDR Exit X 10 reps / 3 sets / 60 sec
D1. Corta Capim Rotations X 30 reps per side / 3 sets / 60 sec

E1. The Shrimp (just knee of the back leg touching the ground)
E2. 0-90 Hanging Leg Raises
E3. One Leg Bridge Push Ups (change legs every rep)
Perform 10 (5-5 per leg in the shrimp),8,6,4,2 reps with as little rest as possible of F1-F3

G1. Wrists Routine X 2 subsequent sets / 60 sec rest

Workout - advanced

Warm Up - Mobility
A1. 5 min Joint Mobility
A2. Wrists Routine X 1 set
A3. Shoulder ROM and Stabilization routine X 1 set
A4. Ido's Squat Clinic Routine X 1 set
A5. Scapula Mobilization Routine X 1 set

B1. Static QDR 30 sec per side / 3 sets / 45 sec rest

C1. Rotation Into High Bridge to QDR Exit X 10 reps / 3 sets / 60 sec
D1. Corta Capim Rotations X 45 sec of work per side / 3 sets / 60 sec

E1. The Shrimp - in a quad stretch position or with knee only touching behind you
E2. 0-90 Hanging Leg Raises or One Arm Hanging Leg Raises (change arms every rep)
E3. One Arm Bridge Push Ups (change arms every rep)
Perform 10 (5-5 per leg in the shrimp),8,6,4,2 reps with as little rest as possible of F1-F3

G1. Wrists Routine X 2 subsequent sets / 60 sec rest

Yes! This workout will work the back bridge position a lot! If it is too much for you, take down the volume a bit. If you have been following the workouts from the start, you should do fine. Make sure you do some soft tissue work on your lower back tomorow, either in a form of massage or foam rolling. (Self education through the internet is a beautiful thing...)

Enjoy and report on your experiences in the forum,


Rez said...

Love it Ido ... the one arm push up will be very tough to achieve but its a good goal to set ... that will open up so many move variations

Moran Bentzur said...

Still got a long way to go till I can tackle even the basic variations. I still enjoy reading the blog. I love the background music choices for the videos. Beatles FTW.

Timy said...

Ido- Any chance you are going to come out with anything outlining how to make a weekly routine based on floreio stuff? I love the workouts, but dont know how to make a weekly routine of it.

As always though, awesome stuff.

Unknown said...

Timy, come on, my friend... What do you think these workouts are about??

I cant believe people are still asking me for routines! I AM POSTING SCALED WORKOUTS EVERY OTHER DAY! Do it!


Unknown said...

Bentzurm, thanks for the kind words.
I am sure you are able to produce some range of motion in the basic bridge push ups. Even a small bit is better than nothing. Do it! with time the ROM will increase and your flexibility will follow your strength.

Good luck, now go train.

Unknown said...

The range of motion in these bridge exercises is something I never gave much thought of until now. I used to do these in the past, but only with half the range of motion you have displayed. My reps never went all the way back down to the ground. I just touched with the scapula and extend again. Time for me to make that correction.

The one hand version was very tricky at first...because I only watched the clip but didn't study the technique. Of course I had to go back and RRR (review, review again, and then finally reciprocate).

Unknown said...

Charlie, these basic variations contain a lot of finer details. Unfurtunatly I am unable to transfer all of this knowledge through the written media. This kind of thing is better suited to a DVD or a seminar scenerio, in which I will be able to combine text with demos and highlight different issues concerning the material. Bridge work is something that I take very seriously, it goes way beyond just a normal back bridge. I use various entries, push ups, pull ins, lifts, rocks, jumps and locomotion patterns to work this. My goal is to dominate this position with body and space being the tools.
Keep training, I am sure we will meet again soon and will do some serious training together. Abraco.

Anonymous said...

Ido- I know I know, I dont want you to do it for us, I meant give us on idea like say we want to do floreio everyday as I dont see a problem but more of, bridge and equlibre one day, then locomotion the next, more of an idea how to structure it for your own goals.

Justin Miller said...

Hey Ido,
I am finished with my other training and I am now putting my full attention/time on floreio art and gymnastic based strength. I started today with the locomotion workout to ease into the workouts and am going to do floreio workout 1 tomorrow.
The trouble is my back bridge is pretty poor (especially for a capoeirista) although it has got better over the past year with stretches and the simple fact of doing them. Is there something I can do or focus on in a daily routine to increase my ROM in the backbridge??. also,
I have been straightening my legs and playing around by hoping and moving side to side. Is this the way to go?
Justin (Sorriso)

Unknown said...

Timy, if you have a specific question about programming, post it in the forum and I would be happy to help, but a general question like that can only be answered with a book...

Unknown said...

with the amount of bridging volume the Floreio workout is offering every other day, I would be hesitant to offer you more..
If you can take it, add some more rotations into bridge, bridge push ups and other bridge work I have shared through the blog, also make sure you pinpoint the trouble area - either lower back or shoulders and concentrate on that. The Scapula and Shoulder routines will help you a lot also. Good luck.

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Wayne Coy said...

I'm living in Japan right now and they won't let me see "The Shrimp" video. So I am curious as to what it is.

Wayne Coy said...
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Unknown said...

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